Memento Mori

The death rate on the planet is 100% percent. I don’t say that to be morose. Rather, as a vivd reminder that life is our most precious non-renewable resource. And I have every intention of living it to the fullest. Anyone likeminded is welcome to join the ruckus.

#atoc 2016

One of the coolest parts about covering professional cycling is the close proximity you have with the riders. Filming Mark Cavendish was akin to meeting Michael Jordan for me. And when he took the finish of the last stage, the wake of the peloton chasing him almost pulled me down.

A Peloton of Two

There are times when you know you’re witnessing personal history unfold in front of you. Catching a bike ride for the first time was like that for me. Even then, it was something I knew I’d never forget.

Recently, Gabe and I baptized his new mountain bike on a network of trails in Northern California. I’m truly not sure who was more excited. Watching him come online that way made me feel childish again. The only difference this time was the new place in my heart where the memories from today will live.

40 Portraits in 90 seconds

The capital of the most populous U.S. state is in flux. After years of status quo, recent events have brought national attention to Sacramento. And my friend Doug Elmets and company have been not so quietly doing their part to shape the future of the rapidly changing landscape. Here’s a glimpse behind the scenes of one part of a small project we worked on together. The best is yet to come.

Turning the Tables with the one and only Jeffery Wilson

Podcast host Jeffery Wilson

Podcast host Jeffery Wilson

I had the distinct pleasure of being interviewed by the multi-talented Jeffery Wilson for his podcast #ItsMeSpkn2U, where our conversation ranged from topics like world travel and the relativity of happiness to the thoughts and work of astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson.

Award winning Photojournalist Carl Costas on Ep.6 #ItsMeSpkn2U

Award winning Photojournalist and down right top notch human being, Carl Costas, stops by to discuss his life behind the camera that has taken him ALL OVER the world.

The Kid Who Wrote the Code that Literally Broke the Internet

Hacker turned security expert Samy Kamkar photographed in Los Angeles, Calif.

Hacker turned security expert Samy Kamkar photographed in Los Angeles, Calif.

People talk about breaking the Internet all the time. Samy Kamkar actually did it. Back in 2005 the infamous hacker birthed a worm that brought the world’s then most popular website to a crashing halt, a crime that banned him from touching a computer for three years. Today Samy is a white hat security expert, exposing systems flaws so that companies can patch them before the bad guys get in. He also informs the public about privacy infractions happening all around us. Samy’s credits include the discovery of tracking software once used by mobile device manufacturers like Apple and Google, and the creation of Evercookie – a persistent piece of code that Edward Snowden revealed the NSA was using to keep tabs on folks.

I made photos of Samy recently in his Los Angeles home. The conversation was nothing short of eye-opening and, to be honest, a little frightening. One of Samy’s thoughts that rings in my head is that “if we can’t see it, we assume it’s safe.” We are clearly less than safe.