Sites on Shasta ’07

Here’s the run down for those of us attempting to summit the country’s second highest volcano this summer:

What: Mt Shasta, 14,162 ft.

Who: All masochists welcome

When: Friday, June 1 through Sunday the 3rd. The hope is to go up and back Friday and Saturday, reserving Sunday as a back up in the event of bad weather Saturday.

Where: Straight up the gut — Avalanche gulch, the main route.

Some links from Kevin German (aka KGrrr — the infamous rapper)

Aside from his mad skills on the mic and extensive studies of the human penis, German summited Shasta last summer on a much more technical route than the one I’d like to do. I’d rather just walk to the top. Here’s some of his pics from


A National Geographic map (the image links back to a larger file);


And some recommended gear for the summit pack;