Ryan’s Gear

Ryan; I don’t think we’ll need snowshoes or ropes (Kevin?)
So Ryan’s got a stove and room for one. I have zero community gear but would be glad to carry some. Anybody else?
Ryan Hayes said…

Here’s the gear I (Ryan) have:
– All personal gear, except poles, snowshoes, and gaiters. I have good leather hiking boots that I used at Whitney in the winter.
– 1-2 person three season tent. Tight fit, but packs small. Probably not a primary pick for a tent.
– Primus technotrail stove. Super small and effecient, but you have to use the Primus fuel bottles. I might have a Whisper Light International in my attic.
– I’ve got ropes, harnesses, beaners, a helmet, and decent amount of climbing gear. My ropes are a few years old, but only used 3 times. Still good enough for a safety or static line.
– How many people are planning on making the trip? I might have a work conflict, but I’ll try to smooth that out this week.

15 April, 2007 21:01

Just some dude they say is famous in the Castro District.

FiveFooter said

Who is that sexy guy signing the book? He is soooo cute!

Carl thanks for starting a “blog.” Technically you are a Bill Gates, and I feel like a caveman from the Geico TV spots!

15 April, 2007 07:21


Some pics from last year’s sprint up Whitney; 22 miles, 6100 feet of elevation, and 17 hours of labor to the 14,496ft summit. In all fairness, some endured the task in less time. While others heeded the reading of their internal barometer and tuned back early.


Sites on Shasta ’07

Here’s the run down for those of us attempting to summit the country’s second highest volcano this summer:

What: Mt Shasta, 14,162 ft.

Who: All masochists welcome

When: Friday, June 1 through Sunday the 3rd. The hope is to go up and back Friday and Saturday, reserving Sunday as a back up in the event of bad weather Saturday.

Where: Straight up the gut — Avalanche gulch, the main route.

Some links from Kevin German (aka KGrrr — the infamous rapper)




Aside from his mad skills on the mic and extensive studies of the human penis, German summited Shasta last summer on a much more technical route than the one I’d like to do. I’d rather just walk to the top. Here’s some of his pics from sacbee.com


A National Geographic map (the image links back to a larger file);


And some recommended gear for the summit pack;