DC Snipers, ten years later

Nelson Rivera and his daughter Jocelin, 13, reflect on the death of their wife and mother, Lori Lewis-Rivera.

Jocelin Rivera never really knew her mother. But she knows the details of her death all too well. Jocelin was three-years-old when Lori Lewis Rivera was shot in the back by D.C. snipers John Allen Muhammad and 17-year-old Lee Boyd Malvo while vacuuming her employer’s minivan at a Maryland gas station. The bullet fragmented inside her body and destroyed her left lung.

In the decade that followed, the details of Jocelin’s mother’s murder gradually became a part of her reality. Today she appears to be an otherwise normal teenage girl growing up in modern suburbia; She pays special attention to her appearance, her friends, and the TV shows they all know and love. But tucked away in a special place, Jocelin keeps a few trinkets, a couple now faded photographs of the woman she bears an uncanny resemblance to — and memories of the mother she never really knew.