kiss the fish

I’ll be the first to admit that I navigate life pretty quickly. But it’s times like yesterday that force me to check the rear view and reflect on just how cool things can be sometimes.

I spent the entirety of the day with my talented fiends at the four star Enotria Restaurant and Wine Bar. We turned their place into one giant photo studio, and walked away with some very nice work. Then the real fun began when we caravanned over to the expansive Passmore Ranch where Michael, the man himself, allowed Chef Tyler Bond and I to slip into a tank with 40 or so 100-pound sturgeon and a GoPro. I ain’t skured to admit that having 4000 pounds of prehistoric looking creatures slither on and around me, in every which way, was a little unnerving. But Passmore learned us that the fish respond to our actions. We freak out, they freak out. And trust me when I tell you these fish have might.

Ultimately, Tyler and I got all kumbaya and succumbed to the fact that this was their world, we just happened to be up to our necks in it. We started making pictures and Tyler, who masterfully prepares sturgeon at Enotria, became one with the fish — even managing the occasional kiss on the face.

It was easily a day to remember.



This is more than a photograph to me. It’s a memory of one of the most formative chapters in my life. It’s me. It’s us. It’s everything that we as young men were about. Were we jackasses? Of course. But in the back of our minds, we all knew we signed up for something more. And we were in it together.