Taro Arai, Lord of Rice


I’ve always said that putting outgoing and adventuresome people in front of the camera is tantamount to sitting an MIT mathematician in front a rookie black jack dealer. It just ain’t right. It’s too easy. And the outcome is almost always bananas. Photographing the gregarious chef Taro Arai recently was proof positive. There wasn’t much I suggested creatively that he wasn’t completely game for. The result was a bunch of great images, all kinds of fun, and a day to remember. For a look behind the scenes, check out the video below.

Behind the scenes with Tyreke Evans

After spending his first four years in the NBA as a guard for the Sacramento Kings, Tyreke Evans will sign a four year forty-four million dollar contract with the New Orleans Pelicans. Here’s a look behind the scenes of a photoshoot with Evans shortly before he was announced NBA Rookie of the Year in 2010.