Smart People Building Smart Schools

Drone technology has come a long way fast. The tools at our disposal today provide solutions that were previously almost unthinkable. But people sometimes use drones because they have drones, not because they’re the best means of communicating the intended message. It’s a clear case of looking for nails because of your new hammer.

The more important tool is the cognitive ability to survey the landscape, solve problems, and create thought-provoking content. Often in the face of challenge. This project is a perfect example of that approach. The request was to capture drone footage of a newly-constructed smart school in San Francisco. We did that — we also brought cameras in the classroom on the first day of school, and became kids again. Or maybe that was just me. The result is a direct focus on the benefit the architect and builder brought to the community — as told through the voices in that community.

At the end of the day it’s all about defining goals and clearing a path directly to them. No matter what tools it takes.