High Sierra Fly-In 2018

Everybody here knows I dig humans. After a couple years of feeding my brain everything backcountry aviation related, I showed up at Nevada’s Dead Cow Lakebed for the High Sierra Fly-In. And found some of the best humans I’ve ever met. They blew my wig back. IRL. It was unforgettable. The side-by-side drag race, no shit, was fun to watch. But my biggest takeaway was how cool this community of people is. People that you know damn well would do just about anything for a fellow pilot, and their collective family. Or anybody else for that matter. And probably already have. That’s my kind of group. Hugging earth in my own kindergarten spaceship with these folks will definitely happen at some point in the near future. All I gotta do is figure out how to get GoFundMe to unblock my account. #highsierraflyin #hsf2018 #deadcowlakebed #flying #aviation #backcountry https://vimeo.com/297177066