The Confluence of Things

San Francisco is a world-class city teaming with creative talent. That’s part of the reason I was tickled when the Sierra Club tapped me to make a portrait of Lynn Jurich, the CEO of Sunrun, a solar energy company based in the heart of the city. Sunrun operates in twelve states and has raised hundreds of millions in funding since its inception in 2007.

Lynn is, obviously, busy. So it came as no surprise that she had forgotten she was being photographed, and showed up to work as herself — hightop sneakers, studded bracelet, and all. Lynn wields a razor-sharp wit with brutal honesty. She is also thin-framed and super fit. I had no idea she was six months pregnant  until she made it known. All those characteristics combined with a down to earth attitude uncommon to many of her station, made for a great shoot.

Being hand-picked for this project was great. Spending time with a visionary thinker like Lynn made it more than memorable.


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