A little Perspective

Planning for Shasta is fun. We joke and debate. We weigh this option against that and imagine what the outcome will be when we actually strap on boots and packs. But in reality, it’s frivolous. We’re really just planning a weekend social gathering. In the mean time , there really IS a war going on. And Max Whittaker has brought it to our doorsteps in living color, through vivid imagery and a gripping firsthand account at his blog www.maxwhittaker.blogspot.com

Here’s an excerpt;

“The situation did not look good. We were pinned down in a spot that we could not return fire from. The LT decided we needed to move, so we raced around another wall, and for a bit it seemed we were in the clear. Just as we were leapfrogging through some rocks, covered by second squad, we came under fire again. I tumbled in a mass of legs, arms, and weapons with a few guys. One, Patishnock, shoots a grenade off. Our cover seems unbelievably shitty, and for the first time I think there’s a really good chance I’m going to be shot.”

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