Acrobatics over Lake Tahoe in a 1944 Boeing Stearman with Kevin Quinn

In 1944, very brave and very young Americans sat in this cockpit and used this very same airplane in service to and in defense of our country. Fast forward nearly eighty years, the length of a lifetime, and you will find a few very fortunate young souls keeping that plane and the memory of those veterans alive and in the sky. Semper fidelis.

A Peloton of Two

There are times when you know you’re witnessing personal history unfold in front of you. Catching a bike ride for the first time was like that for me. Even then, it was something I knew I’d never forget.

Recently, Gabe and I baptized his new mountain bike on a network of trails in Northern California. I’m truly not sure who was more excited. Watching him come online that way made me feel childish again. The only difference this time was the new place in my heart where the memories from today will live.