Acrobatics over Lake Tahoe in a 1944 Boeing Stearman with Kevin Quinn

In 1944, very brave and very young Americans sat in this cockpit and used this very same airplane in service to and in defense of our country. Fast forward nearly eighty years, the length of a lifetime, and you will find a few very fortunate young souls keeping that plane and the memory of those veterans alive and in the sky. Semper fidelis.

Not a doctor. But I’ll have a look at it

Most folks will spend the vast majority of their best years employed in one form or another. Being self-employed gives me the ability to have something of a say so in the people I spend that time around. My job is to shine a light on cool people doing cool shit, literally and figuratively. The fringe benefit is that I get to spend my time around cool people doing cool shit.

Back Country Aviation Camping

In making my living behind the camera all these years, I’ve hung out with countless characters — from all walks of life. That said, the back country aviation community is full of personality, and is one of the most welcoming and friendly groups I’ve been a part of. Blake and his dad David Nervino are proof positive.