The Color of my Past

When Elizabeth had difficulty exercising she saw her doctor. Not long after, she was in full cardiac arrest and on the brink of death. After two hours of CPR and weeks of intensive care, a team of medical professionals had given the young mother a second chance at life.

Over the past several months I have had the privilege of being the conduit through which incredible people have chosen to tell their stories. It’s stories like Elizabeth’s, and that of the many others that have colored my recent history, that inspire me to simply do better. To be the best storyteller I can be.

2 thoughts on “The Color of my Past

  1. Carl, your talent just grows and grows… I've been following your blog since I ran into you at WalMart (of all places!) a year or two ago. Love seeing your heart come through in your photos, love your earnest approach to your work. Best wishes to you and your family– Sarah Slater (your old Auburn Journal co-worker)

  2. You are entirely too kind, Sarah. And it's amazing how time flies. Thank you for the kind words, the go straight to my heart.

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